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Global Currency Labs Develops Next Gen Data Center

June 4, 2022

Global Currency Labs (GCL) is expanding operations to a new facility to drive better performance and scale across its US crypto mining ASIC miners.

The new data center will house most of the GCL owned machines and be used as a lab to deploy their newest mining technology.  GCL's Core Innovation Team is designing the next generation data center specifically for advanced cryptocurrency mining. The new center will also deliver more energy efficiency and power and it is expected to open in 2024. 

Vendor plans are being submitted with a focus on the availability and cost effective use of renewable energy, security, quality of life and other factors. GCL expects to share more information in the coming months as the process advances.

Global Currency Labs uses unique technology to deliver better performance from the miners that they deploy.  The new data center will take advantage of the newest developments and deliver unprecedented performance.

Global Currency Labs Acquiring New US Facilities: News
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