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Global Currency Labs Deploys Next-Gen Miners

August 3, 2022

Global Currency Labs (GCL) announced the special procurement of new miners from their ASIC miner OEM in the People's Republic of China as part of their new mega-data center rollout. The new data center will house most of the GCL owned machines and be used as a lab to deploy their newest mining technology.

The first wave of new miners was obtained by extraordinary means due to supply chain and production constraints brought on by the recent surge of Covid-19 cases in Asia. The GCL team organized a special charter flight to get the machines in place by the original due date which is critical to meeting revenue growth targets.

More machines are being evaluated for future deployment as the new data center comes online to serve customers globally. The critical path milestones are being put in place for project success across the entire span of our target markets. The momentum is building as the initial elements are already coming online ahead of schedule. We will continue to gain our edge by being more creative than the competition at getting a steady supply of machines despite the obvious backlog in the supply chain.

Global Currency Labs Deploys Next-Gen Miners: News
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